Apparel decoration techniques


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Screen printing is the classic option due to being durable and economical for many uses. Great on athletic wear. Generally only recommended if 6 or fewer colors are required.


Embroidery is a great choice for logos that are placed left/right chest, left/right bicep locations. Threads can be color matched, and lend a high-end aesthetic that holds up well.


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Transfer process is great for when precision and fine details are required. Transfers can also print in the greatest diversity of locations. With ability to use 4-color process or spot color, highly accurate colors are possible. This can be a great alternative to embroidery for thin garments.


Laser process produces a darker tone that is a great fit for technical fabrics. The smooth finish and glossy look is extremely versatile and can be placed over seams and zippers. The tone-on-tone looks tends to work best on mid-range colors. Holds up to unlimited wash cycles.

Deboss / Emboss

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The Debossing process uses a die (aka stamp) to heat-press designs into apparel fabric, resulting in the potential for striking results that can have a 3d look. Debossing and Embossing are similar – it’s just that Debossing depresses the design, while embossing raises the design. Since the die can be pressed in almost any location, and can be very detailed, these are very versatile methods of branding. Instead of adding color, the deboss/emboss result is a subtle tone-on-tone look that works well on all base colors of apparel. Works best with polyester fabrics.