File types

DST File

DST (Data Stitch Tajima) is a proprietary and technical file type used for embroidery that contains the commands for the embroidery machine.


Encapsulated PostScript: This is a great file type for printing logos. An .EPS file uses vector-based information and can contain text as well as graphics.

Something to watch out for is that .eps files can sometimes contain (“encapsulate”) other types of files, such as .jpg images. If this is the case, special care needs to be taken to ensure the encapsulated elements are high enough resolution for the intended output.


Portable Document Format: A .pdf file is a great way to save a document that has multiple text and or graphics elements so that they can be opened and used on different platforms. Just be sure to be careful that any elements in the pdf that are “raster” are high enough resolution for the intended output.


These files are typically made using the vector graphics design application Adobe Illustrator. As vector graphics files, they’re great for graphics both large and small. Although uncommon, it is possible to embed raster graphics in .ai files, and in that case be sure that any such graphics are high enough resolution for the intended output.


Joint Photographic Experts Group: A .JPG or .JPEG is the most common raster format for photographs. It is also widely supported in graphics editing applications. While .jpg files can be used to good effect there are a couple things to be aware of: First, low-resolution .jpg files will almost always cause issue by looking “pixelated”, so be sure to use the highest resolution source graphics possible. Second, .jpg files can be saved using compression to make file sizes smaller, but if this is done the image will loose quality, with noticeable “artifacts” from compression. Always save .jpg files at “100%” quality for branding uses.


Portable Network Graphics: A .PNG is another raster graphics format. It is more modern than .jpg, and supports web friendly improvements such as “lossless compression”. Still, the uses and concerns for .png files are similar to those for .jpg files.


Tagged Image File Format: A .TIFF or .TIF is one of the original raster image formats. Unfortunately, while still sometimes encountered, it does not offer any benefits while having the same concerns as other raster formats.


Photoshop Document: Most people have heard of an image being “photoshopped”, a reference to the ubiquitous Adobe Photoshop application that creates these image files. PSD files typically are based on raster images, but can contain text and vector elements. As a professional application, these files are usually created by users who are aware of image size and quality needs.