Shirt Decoration

Popular placements for branding apparel

Left Chest
This is one of our most popular options. The location is sure to be noticed but can be subtle as well. The classic branding location for staff apparel.

Center Chest

This is a great location for increased visibility. Branding may even be seen when wearing layers over the shirt.

Full Front
Another common request, and commonly requested as just “front”. The Full Front branding option has great visibility even under layers – just be careful to maintain breathability in case of solid-ink coverage.

A more subtle location, but sure to grab attention when noticed. This has become a very popular option.

Center Back
Content and creatives here are very versatile. A balanced location centered across your shoulder blades.

Full Back
Full back printing can be used for dominant creative content, sponsors, or anything realy. It pairs well with other print options on the front of a shirt.

Vertical Front
Vertical front imprints are done along the torso and offer a contemporary and trendy look.

Vertical Spine
This print location is centered down the spine. Another trendy location if your creative content fits.

Vertical Back
Vertical back imprints are done along the torso and offer a trendy and attention grabbing option.

This option has come into use most recently, and can grab attention in many settings due in part to the novelty factor.

Full Sleeve
A great location for longer content that will grab attention – think taglines!

A compact location that can be perfect for logos!